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Attractive, attention getting, adorable! If you have your potential customer smiling before they even pick up the phone to call, you’re one step ahead! Kranken Signs of Charlotte custom logo design can attract a lot more attention than boring old swoosh logos. Come browse our cartoon logo samples.Kranken Signs has created lots of cartoon business brand images and custom characters. If you need a custom cartoon company mark please compare our designs to any portfolio online.

Kranken Signs can create anything from a single mascot characters to full business logotypes. We can create something as simple as a comic style of lettering or create unique cartoon characters from scratch. Starting with paper and pencil to digital vector files. Kranken Signs cartoon logo designs specialize in different types of logos that grab your customers attention and get your services noticed.

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Our custom designed logo service are created to be simple so that your custom designed logo retains clarity of design in different contexts. If a logo design is too complicated, its details may be lost when it is reduced in scale. Also, our logo designs are created to be easy to remember and consequently more instantly identifiable. We believe that an effective logo is pleasant to look at, in some cases even generates a smile on sight and lastly is easy to read and identify.

Cartoon logo design goes hand-in-hand with our character design services. A cartoon logo incorporating your character or mascot can be the perfect way to brand your business, blog or website.

We’ve been creating original cartoon logos for over ten years. Whether you are looking for a logo for your product or business, or a header for your banner or blog, we can help you create the perfect artwork.

And of course we create original cartoon character mascots to include in your logo, or standalone characters if you just need the character art.

Custom Designed Cartoon Character or Custom Logos in Charlotte NC


Professor Smarty is an image logo / character commissioned by SmartWay. They wanted a character that was colorful, playful and to convey an indicate that shopping at SmartWay is a SMART thing to do.

Kranken Signs makes it easy to order a custom designed cartoon character or custom logo.

Cartoon character design for our Charlotte NC customers is one of out specialties. Cartoon people or animals, monsters, creatures, aliens, robots and even pinup girls — we create them all. If you need a cartoon mascot, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve been creating original characters for mascots and logos over a decade.From local c=Charlotte restaurants to corporate giants,we have worked with them all and we can help your business when it comes to an original character design creation or logo.

WE are happy to show samples of character design and mascot projects. If you have any questions about the cartooning and illustration services I offer, or the process of having your own custom character created, please visit the Contact & Info section for details or to drop me a line.

And of course I create full cartoon-style logos incorporating your mascot character as well.

Presenting: Professor Smarty!